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Data is the key to knowledge, and the ability to integrate AI with your daily tools like Excel, and the ability to fetch information from the internet, can be a game-changer. 

To integrate AI with your daily tools, opens the possibility of automating tasks, performing complex calculations, analyzing data, and generally improving your productivity by exploiting the capabilities of AI. 

Dive into ChatGPT's advanced features, online data collection, and plugin integrations.

In this course, you will learn: 
  • Learn how to use ChatGPT as an “assistant” for Excel, including basic calculations, functions, and advanced search features.
  • Understand how to use ChatGPT's web search to process information from websites.
  • Transform website information into tables, translate text, highlight key points, and create presentations based on online sources.
  • Be introduced to ChatGPT plugins, learn how to get started with them, stay updated with the latest news, and use multiple plugins at once.


Data is the cornerstone of knowledge, and the ability to integrate AI into your everyday tools, such as Excel, along with the power to retrieve information from the internet, can be truly transformative.

Integrating AI with your daily tools unlocks a world of possibilities, enabling you to automate tasks, perform intricate calculations, analyze data, and ultimately enhance your productivity using the full potential of AI. Look into ChatGPT's advanced capabilities, online data gathering capabilities, and versatile plugin integrations.  
 Throughout this course, you will acquire a range of valuable skills. These include mastering the use of ChatGPT as an 'assistant' for Excel, encompassing fundamental calculations, functions, and advanced search functionalities. 

You will also gain proficiency in leveraging ChatGPT's web search feature to extract insights from websites, and learn to convert website information into structured tables, translate text, emphasize key points, and craft presentations based on online sources.

Familiarize yourself with ChatGPT plugins, discover how to initiate them, stay updated on the latest developments, and utilize multiple plugins.


This course is for everyone who has an interest in learning about how to integrate ChatGPT with your daily tools. After completing this course, you will be able to integrate ChatGPT with your daily tools, streamline your data collection and processing, and leverage the full potential of AI in your professional life.


Excel functions1/3

  • Lektion1.1 Basic calculations in Excel 2 min
  • Lektion1.2 Functions 2 min
  • Lektion1.3 Combine functions 3 min
  • Lektion1.4 Search functions 3 min
  • Lektion1.5 What else 1 min

Getting data from Online sources2/3

  • Lektion2.1 Getting started 2 min
  • Lektion2.2 Getting data from an online source 4 min
  • Lektion2.3 Turn website information into tables 2 min
  • Lektion2.4 Translations and highlights 2 min
  • Lektion2.5 Make ChatGPT search the Internet 2 min

Priming ChatGPT to Write the Content You Want3/3

  • Lektion3.1 Get started with Plugins 5 min
  • Lektion3.2 Latest news and how to use them 5 min
  • Lektion3.3 Multiple plugins at the same time 3 min


Esa  Riutta
Esa Riutta Midjourney Master, AI Photographer, Marketing Expert

Esa Riutta is an expert in digital education at Eduhouse. He specializes in the development and delivery of courses in digital skills, including Microsoft products, social media, ChatGPT, and Adobe. With a strong pedagogical approach, he designs online courses and training that convey digital learning across a wide range of areas to a broad audience. Esa is a leading voice in technology and digital learning in Finland.


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