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Make your work more efficient with artificial intelligence! With ChatGPT, you can take your text production to the next level. Imagine being able to write everything from business reports to market analyses, prepare presentations for international meetings, and even create engaging content for your company's internal blog – all with the help of artificial intelligence.

In this course, you will learn: 
  • How to use ChatGPT as your new collaborator in your daily work.
  • How to leverage AI to produce professional texts such as blog posts, analyses, or summaries.
  • How ChatGPT can assist in creative processes, such as writing company-related stories or presentations.
  • How to effectively "prime" ChatGPT to generate content that matches your company's tone and style.


Your journey into the world of artificial intelligence begins when you dive into the universe of ChatGPT. Once you have a grasp of it, we will focus on crafting effective texts, which are at the core of conveying your message accurately and engagingly.

In the course, you will also be introduced to different writing styles and text types. This part will enhance your ability to tailor your texts to different situations and audiences.

After mastering styles and text types, we will dive deeper into the art of creating compelling written impressions. Here, you will gain understanding of language, tone, and structure – key elements in creating texts that truly make an impact.

Finally, we will explore more advanced ChatGPT techniques. This section allows you to experiment and refine your texts further using more advanced AI features.

Throughout the course, you will be guided in developing your skills and understanding of written communication. Each module is carefully designed to provide you with the knowledge and practical skills you need to master ChatGPT and create texts that leave a lasting impression.


This course is for everyone, regardless of previous experience with text editing tools or artificial intelligence. Whether you are a beginner looking to delve into the exciting world of written communication or an experienced writer looking to enhance your skills, this course will empower you.



  • Lektion1.1 Writing documents 4 min
  • Lektion1.2 Applying for jobs with ChatGPT 2 min
  • Lektion1.3 Reports and Whitepapers 2 min
  • Lektion1.4 PowerPoint 1 min
  • Lektion1.5 Summaries and translations 1 min
  • Lektion1.6 From keywords to text 1 min

Creative content2/3

  • Lektion2.1 Blog posts or columns 1 min
  • Lektion2.2 Lyrics and Poetry 3 min
  • Lektion2.3 Stories 6 min
  • Lektion2.4 Jokes 2 min
  • Lektion2.5 AI Images 2 min

Priming ChatGPT to Write the Content You Want3/3

  • Lektion3.1 Priming ChatGPT to Write the Content You Want 1 min


Esa  Riutta
Esa Riutta Midjourney Master, AI Photographer, Marketing Expert

Esa Riutta is an expert in digital education at Eduhouse. He specializes in the development and delivery of courses in digital skills, including Microsoft products, social media, ChatGPT, and Adobe. With a strong pedagogical approach, he designs online courses and training that convey digital learning across a wide range of areas to a broad audience. Esa is a leading voice in technology and digital learning in Finland.


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    Martin Olesen
    Hurtig intro til Chat GPT muligheder

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    Troels Nielsen
    Viser alt om at skrive tekster

    Kurset giver en rigtig god gennemgang af, hvordan man benytter chatGPT til at skrive forskellige typer tekster.

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    Heidi Nielsen
    tak for info!

    i learn more and more with your courses!tusind tak!